April 7, 2019

Welcome to Youthopedia

The founder of Youthopedia shares her excitement and curiosity about the platform.

Welcome to Youthopedia

A very warm welcome to the readers of Youthopedia, I'm Bandana, founder of Youthopedia. It is a welcome post where I will talk about how Youthopedia came into existence.

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Youthopedia was a project which was awaiting its launch since last year. This wouldn't have been possible without my dearest @itsbhanusharma. This platform is purely dedicated to the youth as the name suggests. There is no limitation as to what the authors out here will publish. Now let's come to the focal point of this post. Being an amateur Debater during my secondary school days, I was not into writing as the only thing which suited me was being verbal. As soon as I entered my Senior Secondary, things turned upside down and humanities played its part, thus I started engaging myself into writing. I never really wrote any poems or stories but I started writing my viewpoint towards various issues that caught my eyes. As a law aspirant, I always like to keep things clear when it comes to an issue which needs a valid explanation. There are a few things which I wrote while preparing for my boards but I never really got a chance to publish them.

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I found no space to publish my writings and hence those started vanishing off from my mind. I've never really bothered writing anymore. By mid 2018, surprisingly @itsbhanusharma expressed his desire to collaborate upon a platform which will be dedicated to write-ups and poems and that's where the idea of "YOUTHOPEDIA" was born. We started working on this idea around October last year. Everything was sorted but I was still very timid. We decided to launch "Youthopedia" after my exams were over and  here we are today welcoming you all to my dream project.

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Within this space, you will find posts, poems, & reviews with different beliefs, ideas, lifestyle, experiences, aspirations, hobbies, foods, movies, political & social outlook of today's youth. I would be using this space to express my thoughts and ideas. I'm pretty sure that the authors would definitely find this space suitable for their writings. Feel free to express yourself without any concern or criticism because YOUTHOPEDIA IS FOR YOU, BY THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!