April 29, 2019

The 21st Century Kid!

The 21st Century Kid!

When was the last time you danced to beats of the rain drops falling and sang along the chirping of the birds? When was the last time you studied in the morning to play with your friends in the afternoon and stole mangoes or rejoiced when jack fruit wafted the entire courtyard of your place? When was the last time you attended your family functions merrily and not made a face when your parents asked you out? When was the last time you didn’t actually worry about your likes and comments and instead looked forward for genuine compliments from people around you? When was the last time you didn’t make excuses to meet new people and exulted on making a new friend instead of getting a new follower on social media? When was the last time you didn’t compare yourself with people, got jealous and depressed seeing the lifestyle they choose to show over the internet and didn’t speculate and compare with the memes before doing something?

Because generalizing everything has become so easy. It’s just so “cool” to be the way you are, the slothful pig!

I heard recently that the average person scrolls the height of Big Ben in a day. Whilst waiting for a delayed train in Bath I spotted this line of hands on phones – all endlessly scrolling.
Photo by ROBIN WORRALL / Unsplash

Guess what? Checking your phone is the new smoking!

I remember those days when I used to go through the newspaper and plan out what to watch on the television, the whole day. I remember the times when people actually used to make cards and wished each other personally on important occasions. I reminisce the days when faking everything on social media didn’t exist rather people lived each and every moment and never ever cared about their un-prepossessing face. In short, when seeking attention and magnetism for overpraising wasn’t a big issue, I long for those days.

This was a great moment on the wedding day of this men. We were doing the wedding shoot and as his son became more tired from all the exitement he decided to take him for a short walk. This moment, that seems both fragile and steady, is something that I am greatful for having caught through my lens.
Photo by Sabine van Straaten / Unsplash

A father now claims that he misses his child, although they live in the same house. A five year old kid demands for his new smart phone and a thirteen year old teen demands for her photos to be popularized and fantasized by many. Let’s just face it. We are living in an era where counterfeiting is all the skills you need, where being isolated is a scary dream but in reality everyone is in solitary.

Don’t you remember the days when you were gratified with what all your parents gave you and patronized your parents instead of the trendsetters?

Don’t you remember the days when you loved capturing moments and not advertising for others?

Don’t you ever wonder that there was actually a time when people thanked the almighty before consuming food and not focused on which filter to use to post the picture of the food which you even might haven’t consumed?

Don’t you ever wonder that it is actually possible to wake up without your eyes getting hitched to your cell phone?

Don’t you just wish you were un-conversant to social media?  Don’t you just wish you were zestful like you used to be?

I always do.‌‌